Palms of the Botanic Garden in Valencia, Spain

At the beginning of October 2016 I visited the Botanic Garden of Valencia in Spain. The palm collection is very impressive, containing 39 palm genera and more than 80 species! The Botanic Garden also produced an informative and nicely designed book about the palm genera cultivated in their garden (ISBN: 978-84-370-9132-7). Many of palms are growing outside unprotected - even some rather tropical species you would not expect growing well under mediterranean climate conditions. But it should be mentioned that the garden is situated in a very sheltered location in the city centre what creates a unique microclimate where frost occurs very rarely and lasts only for a few hours. The garden's highlights include Brahea sarukhanii, Chambeyronia macrocarpa, Howea belmoreana, Phoenix andamanensis, Pritchardia hillebrandii, Ravanea glauca and Sabal domingensis. And many new interesting species were planted during the last years, so I recommend to everyone who passes by Valencia to visit this magnificent palm garden! Enjoy (please click on the photos to get the name of the species)!

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